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* Easy Installation For Decades Of Performance!
* Adjust Saddle Position With Ease!
* Set Intonation In Minutes In Real Time!
* Increase Mass And Sustain!

* Enhance Appearance!
* Reduce Setup Time!

* Solid Brass Construction!
* 6 & 7 String Sets!
*Easily Fits Floyd Rose® & Ibanez® Edge® Double Locking Tremolos!

*Now Available In:
Chrome, Black, Gold, Nickel, Black Nickel, & Satin Chrome!

"A set of Hollow Points® is ESSENTIAL on every
double locking tremolo, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE!"Paul Unkert
    Paul Unkert, Master Luthier

Buy complete Authentic
with Hollow Points!
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Now Available in:
7 String Chrome, Black, or Gold.

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Ibanez® Edge® Trem